Nurse Preceptor Academy
Starts at $750

Nurse Preceptor Academy

Benefit One

Familiarize preceptors with the fundamental skills needed tp be effective in supporting the growth and development of nurse learners.

Benefit Two

Support the retention of nurses in the nursing profession.

Benefit Three

Develop qualified staff nurses for the role of nurse preceptors and reduce attrition of nurses in the hospital setting.
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The Nurse Preceptor Academy is a one-day, intensive training program designed for registered nurses to gain the training necessary to guide new employees, recent graduates and students through the onboarding and competence validation process. The Academy is designed for use by nurses in an acute care setting and can be used in new or established preceptor programs.

The eight content areas cover an overview of the preceptor role include:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgement Skills
  3. Workplace Socialization
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  5. Conflict Resolution/ Conflict Management
  6. Evaluation and Feedback
  7. Human Resource Considerations
  8. Practical Preceptor Tips/ Tools

What’s Included

The copyright-protected material may be used to provide orientations for new and existing preceptors. A one-time licensing fee applies for unlimited use of Academy training materials and includes the following:

  • One copy of the Preceptor Academy reference manual (for participants who attend the one-day session)
  • One copy of the Preceptor Academy instructor’s guide (for individuals who serve as the presenters during the one-day session)
  • A flash drive with all Word and PDF files for reproducing the preceptor reference manual, instructor’s guide, logo, binder covers, preceptor newsletters and evaluation form – printed or on secure web pages
  • A password to a secure website to access future updates to Preceptor Academy training materials
  • A full set of companion PowerPoint slides that correspond to each content area
Nursing School $750
Critical Access Hospital $750
Community-based Hospital $1,000
Multi-hospital System $2,000