Nurse Mentoring Toolkit
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Nurse Mentoring Toolkit

Benefit One

Build a mentor program that meets the unique needs of new hires, supports a healthy work environment, and helps retain staff.

Benefit Two

Effectively support the emotional and professional health of novice nurses.

Benefit Three

Provide a rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee.
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The Mentoring Toolkit includes a set of resources for mentors designed to enhance the professional experience of registered nurse professionals. The toolkit provides resources to support mentor program coordinators, mentors, and mentees. Best practices, questions to jumpstart discussions, resources, checklists, and activities are included in this practical, how-to mentoring guide. The mentoring training materials are web-based to allow mentors to retrieve, download and print only those topics/ sections necessary to meet the needs of their mentee at that point in time.

What’s Included

The copyright-protected material may be used to provide orientations for new and existing mentors. A one-time licensing fee applies for unlimited use of Mentoring Toolkit resources and includes the following:

  • One copy of the Mentoring Toolkit reference manual
  • One copy of the Mentoring Toolkit coordinator’s guide
  • A flash drive with all Word and PDF files for reproducing the Mentoring Toolkit for your organization’s internal use – printed or on secure web pages
  • A password to use a secure website to access future updates to the Mentoring Toolkit



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