Clinical Faculty Academy
Starts at $1000

Clinical Faculty Academy

Benefit One

Develop ongoing working relationships between hospitals and nursing schools

Benefit Two

Expand the pool of nurses involved in educating the next generation of nurses

Benefit Three

Provide education in the art of teaching for practicing clinicians
Clinical Faculty Academy


The Health Alliance of MidAmerica created these unique resources to expand the enrollment capacity of nursing schools. By developing more qualified clinical nurse educators resulted in a 55 percent increase in enrollment since 2005. The Health Alliance is pleased to now provide these resources to other communities that share a common vision for strengthening the nursing workforce.

The interactive training materials, based on adult learning theory, including nine education modules ranging from pre- and post-conference planning to student evaluations.

  1. Why are We Here: The Purpose of the Clinical Faculty Academy and the Importance of Curricular Design in Nursing Education
  2. Developing Clinical Judgement
  3. Legal Issues in Clinical Education
  4. Clinical Teaching and Evaluation: The Basics
  5. Clinical Evaluation Tools
  6. Conducting Pre-and Post-Clinical Conferences
  7. Creating a Positive Learning Environment
  8. Dealing with Challenging and Complex Situations in the Clinical Environment
  9. Challenges and Opportunities-Academia + Practice Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

What’s Included

The copyright-protected material may be used to provide orientations for new and existing clinical faculty. A one-time licensing fee applies for unlimited use of Clinical Faculty Academy training materials and includes the following:

  • One copy of Clinical Faculty Academy faculty reference manual for participants
  • One copy of Clinical Faculty Academy instructor’s guide
  • One copy of Clinical Faculty Academy administrator’s guide
  • A flash drive with all Word and PDF files for reproducing the faculty reference manual, instructor’s guide, administrator’s guide, logo, binder covers, evaluation form and other sample documents
  • A password to a secure website to access future updates to academy training materials
  • A full set of companion PowerPoint slides that correspond to each individual session


Individual School/Single User


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20 – 29

30 – 45


46 – 79


over 80


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